Our story – San José Divers was a mere idea brewing in the back of our minds for years. As each of us have professionally developed separately in the diving world, we had all wanted to be both curators and guides to an underwater wonderland. Los Cabos is the perfect mixture of epic diving, great food, friendly people, and an experience that will leave you wanting to come back for more. A large draw to diving in Cabo is the influx of sea life, from Whales, Sharks and Rays to Marlins that can be seen breaching the surface as they hunt giant schools of Jacks. The abundance of wildlife in the ocean around Los Cabos can only be matched by hugely expensive, offshore liveaboard trips. Gordo Banks is our preferred dive site, one that National Geographic has named one of its 100 Dives of a lifetime, published in 2019.

Silky Sharks
Silky Sharks


To mentor and guide divers in their next level of training, so more divers can explore more regions and aide in oceanic awareness and conservation.


At San José divers we are driven by our core values as people and divers. We believe firmly in equality, fairness and opportunity for all. We prioritise conservation of our environment, plants and animals in our actions and choices everyday.

These values are pervasive throughout our dive centre from the way our management team makes decisions, the way our guides and instructors welcome our guests and how we teach and interact, to the way we provide opportunity to all members of staff to grown their career with us.

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